30 Days

to Blog Success

I actually started a blog, and it changed my life!

The course that teaches how to go from someone dreaming of blogging as a full-time job to someone actually doing it.

Have you ever felt this?

You're scrolling social media and you see a full-time blogger sharing their life and you wonder "how the heck do they do this full-time?" or "That seems like the best job ever?"

that was me until may 2016, here is what changed:

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It wasn't easy. I thought I would become successful right away and I wasn't. It took me changing my major and going to college for Marketing, taking tons of business and blogging courses, and reading a lot of books. 

But eventually I was able to quit my job and blog full-time, then the next thing you know my husband and sister-in-law decided to take the plung and work on my blog with me too.

I started getting questions from people who read my blog like, "how do you blog full-time" and then I realized I needed to come out course that would actually help people start successful. 

It made me realize that there are people out there who want to blog full-time but have no idea where to start, and they also don't have the ability to go back to school for marketing, or buy expensive blogging courses.

That's why I created 30 Days to Blog Success.

An affordable, comprehensive blogging course to help people get from no blog at all to where you want to be!

Here is what 30 Days to Blog Success Will Teach You:

week one

design your blog

In week one I will be teaching you how you can build a beautiful blog all on your own. Including how to start a blog from scratch and get 60% off the cost of starting a it.  I'll teach you how to make it look cute With no prior experience. I will also teach you how to make it easy for your readers to navigate so they are more likely to convert into customers that make you money.

week two

getting ready

In week two I will be teaching you about everything you need to do behind the scenes to get your blog ready for readers. We will cover how to write the perfect about page, how to write a blog post that makes money, and so much more!

week three

money money money!

In week three I will be teaching you all about how to monetize your blog. Including my affiliate marketing strategy that earns me over $20,000 each month. I will also teach you how to approach brands for sponsorships, and put ads on your blog the right way.

week four

traffic for days!

In the final week of 30 days to blog success I will be teaching you how to get readers to your blog. Without readers your blog won't make money so I saved the most important part for last. I'll talk about my Pinterest strategy that brings in over 100,000 people to my every month.

helpful tip #1

YOU’VE GOT THIS! It doesn’t matter if you suck at computers or are a complete pro. Anyone can start a successful blog, even you.

how I went from no blog to 

full-time blogger in 7 months.

which has allowed me to earn over $300,0000/yr

I got married in 2015 and we were poor (real poor) so I was looking for ways to make more money so we could travel, and live a good life. I came across blogging on Pinterest and jumped in. I sucked! I didn't make any money for a long time, until I dove into learning and took class after class eventually.

I came up with the formula I teach in 30 days to blog success.

what is it

30 days to blog success? 

A combination of videos, coaching, and a workbook which are going to teach you how to start a blog, monetize it, write content, and grow traffic your website so you can really start earning money. 

Once you enroll you will get life-time access to the videos, and worksheets,.

This course can completed through any computer, or tablet so you don’t need any special software or knowledge (trust me its so easy anyone can do it)

Here are just a few of the things this course will teach you:

how to build your blog step-by-step

(plus I got you a discount & a free domain name!)

How to get traffic to your blog.

Which type of monetization is most profitable.

How you get paid, and what you need to get paid.

Plus you will get one-on-one text coaching from me whenever you have questions!

how much does it cost? $50

join the course!

it's safe!

Money back guarantee

Worried about investing the money in 30 Days to Blog Success?

30 Days to Blog Success comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Which means if you go through this course and put in the work but don’t see any results you can send me an email and receive your money back.

worry no more!

join the course!

Here is what 30 Days has done for other people.

product income


She increased her monthly income from $450 to $9,637 and increased her amount of products sold from 16 to 354.

And this is just her income from selling an e-book, not including her affiliate income which increased from $260 per month to $5,890 per month over the same amount of time.

website traffic


She increased her monthly reach from 30,000 views and 1,600 engaged readers to 921,000 views and 40,000 engaged readers.

That amount of traffic was enough to allow her to increase her total income per month from $710 per month to $15,527 per month.

 know before I invest my time or money into a course or e-book, I always want to know what it has done for other people. 

Here is the results of a women who blogged about saving money, and traveling on a budget 4 months after taking the course.

What Others Experienced:

About the course



There are 22 videos in total an introduction, 20 lessons (5 per week), and a conclusion.

Each lesson will teach you about a different topic you need to know in order to make money blogging.

Many of the video lessons will assign you easy to complete homework (which will take less than an hour typically) and tell you how to complete it. Plus below the video you will find the links and tools you will need to complete the homework for that lesson it. This makes it so you should never feel confused as you are starting your blog, even if you aren’t great with computers.

The video lessons from the each week will not disappear so you can always work at your own pace.

THE workbook

There are 20 lessons in total, aka 5 lessons per week. This allows you to take it slow and take the Holidays off.

Each of the lessons in the workbook lines up with a video lesson. The workbook provides a way to keep track of what you have completed and what you have left to complete.

Each week of the course has it’s own checklist and worksheets to keep you on track and help you get your blog ready to make money.

You will get the entire workbook immediately once you sign up so you will be able to preview everything that is to come.

How do you take

30 days to blog success?

I get it taking an online course for the first time can seem confusing but I promise taking 30 Days to Blog Success is super easy. 

 When you purchase the course you will get an email from me with instructions on:

     • How to access the course and create your login.
     • What you need to do to get your one-on-one text coaching started.
      • A link to the private Facebook group.
      • Step-by-step instructions to how to start your blog for 65% off the normal cost.
      • A link to download the workbook

Each of the lessons in the course will look like this:

If you click any of the links they will take you to different websites I talk about in the video. If you click the next lesson, or last lesson buttons you can navigate between the available lessons. In the homework section under the video there will be links to additional homework you need to complete to officially complete the lesson

On the homepage of the course after you login you will see a button to download the workbook.

 This workbook includes 5 lessons per week for each week of the course, and each week has it’s own checklist to keep you on track. Here is the first page of the workbook which outlines the entire course.

Time is running out

Unfortunately, time to enroll in 30 Days to Blog Success is about to end. 
Since I want to personally coach everyone who joins 30 Days to Blog Success I can only keep enrollment open for a few days at a time so that everyone in the course is on the same page. 

Time is running out

Join before it's too late!

thirty days to blog success enrollment ends:

Thursday, August 6th at 11:59pm est

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1. how long do I have acess to the course?

frequently asked questions

You have lifetime access once you purchase it, if you lose your download email us using the contact page on this website and we will re-issue your download & course information.

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frequently asked questions

If you lose the course information email me at hi@taylorstanford.com and I will send over your course information again.

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frequently asked questions

Yes, of of course you will get the updates to 30 Days to Blog Success. we want you to have the best most up to date information. when we are no longer releasing updates we will let you know.

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frequently asked questions

To request a refund first make sure your refund request meets the following refund requirements. After you have collected the requirements send your refund request to refunds@taylorstanford.com within 60 days of the purchase you are requesting a refund for.

1. A completed workbook, you must send us pictures, or a digital version of your completed workbook.
2 .For 30 Days to Blog Success: A link to your website that shows you have implemented at least 2 of the recommendations in the course.
3. A link to your Pinterest account showing Pins you created in compliance with recommendations from the course.

Sorry again, please send your refund request to refunds@taylorstanford.com.

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frequently asked questions

New bloggers, people who want to be bloggers, or people who are currently bloggers but want to increase their traffic, and income.

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frequently asked questions

Do you want to grow your email list, learn how to automate your blog, or continue to increase your traffic and income? Then I totally still recommend this course for you.

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